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Tips to Help a Sick Traveler Feel Better

08 Apr

Traveling when unwell can be a nightmare. In fact, nobody would want to take a flight when under nausea, shivers, or fatigue duress.  You also don’t want to travel with an upset stomach. But, there are times when you don’t have the freedom to decide whether to travel or not. In some cases, changing travel plans can have serious negative consequences including significant financial losses. Visit this page to learn more about how flying may cause you to feel sick.

If that situations, there are tips that you can follow to feel better when you travel. They include the following.


A busy business person or mom may not have time to rest. However, if you rest less when you travel while sick, you will take longer to get better. Therefore, get quality rest for about 7 to 8 hours if you travel when sick. The basic mechanism for fighting the disease and fixing what is wrong with the body won’t work better if you are always tired. Therefore, make sure that you get enough rest if you travel when sick.

Keep Your Body Hydrated

If you have not been drinking a minimum of eight water glasses per day, make sure that you do so when you travel while sick. Fever, vomiting, and diarrhea are the major causes of dehydration. Your daily liquid intake can include Pedialyte, Gatorade, and coconut water. Clean water will help the body flush out toxins while keeping membranes in proper working condition. You can also carry a portable water bottle for ionized alkaline water.

Use Vitamin C Supplements

Ensure that your body has a healthy vitamin C dose. Vitamin C plays a crucial role of boosting the immune system. It also strengthens the defenses. If you intend to board a plane, use airborne effervescent tablets. It’s recommended that you take 500 mg vitamin C tablets daily. However, there are 1000 mg tablets in some drug stores.

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are a buzz word today. Common among them include peppermint oil and drops that can be added to warm water when dealing with nausea. You can also rub lavender oil on your ears’ back to enhance quality of your sleep. When having cold, you can massage your feet’s bottom with oregano oil. Do this when traveling and you will feel better.

Use a Face Mask

If comfortable with a mask, use it. A face mask provides protection against dust, allergens, bacteria and germs. Since people don’t have qualms about a face mask, you too shouldn’t.

Use Saline Nasal Spray

It’s recommended that you use saline nasal spray before boarding a plane and after a flight. That’s because the air inside a plane is dry. This makes the mucous membrane dry thereby reducing the infection resistance capability of the body. Keeping your mucous membrane moist with this spray can help.

These tips should act as the essential measures to take whenever you travel when sick. Nevertheless, always talk to your doctor anytime you decide to travel when sick. Some medical conditions may hinder you from traveling. Therefore, make the decision to travel when sick after a consultation with your doctor.

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