Popular Retirement Destinations

01 Dec

Perhaps looking to buy a second home, or selling up and retiring to a warmer climate to live out the rest of your days? Spain for example offers a whole host of attractions that most people look for when searching for a retirement hideaway. The weather here is pretty much outstanding throughout the year which proves to be ideal for those that like the sun, and enjoy long summer days. The pace of life is relaxing to say the least and flexible eating times allow for late lunches as well as late night evening meals. The pressure of work and the usual fast pace of the work and stress driven life is left behind and exchanged for bottles of wine, and a stress free lifestyle.

France is another common choice for people looking for a different way of life. France is well known for its wine and unique cuisine, and a well situated home will allow you access both great wine and stunning food. If you are lucky enough to get a home in the south of France then you could find yourself surround by acres upon acres of grapevines and vineyards. France offers a relaxing atmosphere that isn’t too far away from the UK lifestyle for example. Being able to keep up the particular elements of the lifestyle that you can enjoy in the UK, United States or Canada but at a much slower pace if desired. Learn more about French wine and where to enjoy it here winefolly.com/review/french-wine-exploration-map/

Another massively popular destination is Italy. Proving to be the ideal lifestyle for many people, it is not uncommon for some to sell what they have and move to Italy. Offering both rustic and contemporary accommodation, it’s easy to see why people are moving to this country and buying villas in Tuscany as it’s a lifestyle that people dream of. If a relaxing atmosphere and a stunning landscape is what you are looking for then Italy could be the place for you. If you are after a more specific location in Italy then Tuscany could be perfect. In an area steeped in history that screams out the rural lifestyle, you are more than likely to settle down to a level of relaxation that you only dreamt was possible.

Before you buy new property or invest in a rental space in any of these locations it might be advisable to do some research. Check out the internet for some advice and guides and even visit some of the locations and try something like a self catering Tuscany based holiday to really sample the lifestyle… I know I really enjoy it, you can too!

A big “thank you” goes out to our good friend Tim at www.sandmanpaintingwinnipeg.com for sharing this article with us, who has recently invested in a retirement property in France and frequently visits the surrounding cites that were mentioned. He hopes to one day relocate his business to this beautiful part of the world.