5 Remote Islands You Should Visit

07 Jan

Sometimes peace and relaxation is all that we need from a vacation. Enjoying a tall Martini on the beachside with vibrant sun shining on top can be the most rejuvenating experiences of all times. Islands are always the best choice for an exotic vacation, but sometimes they seem to get overcrowded.

If you are someone who is looking for a vacation spot that is isolated, remote, and magical, then here is a list of the best remote islands you should visit.

Bear Island/Bjornoya – Norway

Located on the southernmost island in the Svalbard archipelago, this island is the highest peak and is so bleak on the map. It spans only 178 sq km and has no full-time residents, besides a few people who man its weather stations.

Tristan da Cunha – United Kingdom

This island is also called Edinburgh of the Seven Seas. It shares a wide culture of isolated communities with its urbanization. It is 2,770 km from the Cape of Good Hope and has a population of only 29 people.

Cocos Islands – Australia

More than 1,000 km away from Java, this island of 2,000 km from Australia and has a wide collection of 27 coral atolls and two islands. It has a population of 600 people and after Charles Darwin landed here, he ranked this island as one of the best formations of the world.

Tromelin – France

This is a tiny French-owned island that is only 450 km east of Madagascar and is no more than 7 meter above sea level. The East India Company ship was enroute to Malaysia in 1760 and was stranded on this island for a long time. The 120 French solider built a boat and set sail, while leaving behind there 60 slaves. Almost 15 years later, they were rescued when only seven women and a baby remained.

Easter Island – Chile

This is a place that is so remote that people should only visit if they really want too. Easter island lies 3,600 km from Chilean mainland. It has 887 mysterious statues that weigh 14 tons, which were toppled on top of the island. It is thought that over 22,000 native islanders lived there at some point, but due to deforestation and disease, the number went down to 3,00.

Enjoy your remote and isolated island vacation and get the best rejuvenation of a lifetime.

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